Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another Aussie Hair Cut!

Monday (12.1.14) 
Unfortunately, I had to get another hair cut... I have just come to the terms that I will NEVER get a good hair cut on my mission! So as they progressively get worse, I’m going to just shake it off, and know that having nicely cut hair is not a prerequisite to spreading the WORD ! :)

Tuesday (12.2.14) 
We went on exchanges today. The first exchange was with Elder P, and the second was with Elder O (the Golden I am training)! It was a good day! We didn’t teach much, but we did teach this ABI (Australian born Indian). His name is P and he is super nice! He wasn't sure about God and the whole pre-earth thing, but he said when he gains a testimony there is a God, he would be more than happy to be baptized on January 3rd! It was really spiritual that someone who didn’t currently believe in God would have faith to be baptized.

On exchanges with Elder S, we got some really tasty Vietnamese Bread rolls! 
 I will take you to the exact shop when we come back to Melbourne as a family after I get home:)

Wednesday (12.3.14) 
The whole day was taken up by Golden Review (new missionary certification)… I am sure you remember when I was going through my own personal certification not so long ago! It really is a humbling experience to be with all of these great missionary trainers that have been out a year or more, and then there is me…. who just barely finished his own Golden Training. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a trainer! MY GOLDEN IS AWESOME and we get along so well. I am really enjoying this opportunity to train Elder O. :)

Thursday (12.4.14) 
Today started off with Zone Meeting. Elder O, Elder N and I gave a training on the new Christmas initiative "He is the Gift"! This is an amazing message that the Church has put out for this Christmas Season. If you have not seen it, or heard about it, type it up on YouTube! It is such a good message to share around Christmas time to ANYONE and EVERYONE! WE ARE ALL MISSIONARIES!! Everyone reading this, I challenge you to share this message with at least 2 people this holiday season! It will bring forth amazing blessings! 

Christmas has come to our flat. I decorated the tree that my family sent me. I never thought the only thing I would want for Christmas was a fresh tube of Crest Toothpaste... because I can't get that minty fresh taste with Aussie paste!

As for the day we were smashed with lessons!! Luckily, the AP's went on an exchange with Elder O so we were able to teach two lessons at once! Elder N and I were able to get in 8 lessons in about 6 hours! It was amazing! I taught C (the young man whose parents won’t let him get baptized yet), Lyall (still trying to quit his smoking) and a man named A. C is doing amazing! We just taught him the importance of the sacrament and what it truly means! He is pretty much a member… he is just waiting for his 18th Birthday so he can be baptized! Unfortunately L is just not progressing. Smoking is really holding him back. We just keep meeting with him and praying he will find the strength to overcome his addiction! As for A: He is from India and he is traveling through Melbourne! I approached him on the street and shared the "He is the Gift" message… he was very intrigued! It was a great lesson, and although he will be returning to India in the next couple of days, he now has a Book of Mormon, and will be able to pick up with missionaries in India when he returns. :)

Friday (12.5.14) 
I think because Thursday was such a great teaching day, today felt pretty crappy given the fact that we didn’t teach very much. I guess the Lord has to teach His missionaries humility, and help us remember all things are done according to the Lord’s schedule. However, we did experience one miracle today with a less active member named S. She brought in her friend M, and we were able to teach her about Jesus Christ, and the gift He is to us from a loving Father in Heaven; and how important it is for all of us to accept His gift by coming unto His son, Jesus Christ. So with this powerful message, M accepted a tentative baptismal date for Christmas day! How cool would that be! A baptism on Christmas! We will continue to teach her and see how things progress!

Saturday (12.6.14) 
Elder N and I went on exchanges with Elder S, the Zone Leader in Footscry. Everything canceled on us so we GQed all day! It wasn't very successful, but I was blessed with a feeling of peace as I tried my best to share the important message I have been called to share! That is all the Lord asks of us, is to try our best… and then AFTER the trial of our faith we will be rewarded with Blessings! Even though it was a BUST day, I still enjoyed every minute of it as I shared the true meaning of Christmas with EVERYONE!

Sunday (12.7.14) 
Today was good! We had lots of investigators come to church that we weren't really expecting! It made me quite excited for this coming week to see what we could do with these people that are showing their faith in coming to Church. Afterwards, we had our Branch Christmas Pot Luck because lots of the members in the Branch, are international students, and they will be going home for the holidays! It was nice, but now I have NO idea what we will be doing around Christmas time… Oh well, I am a missionary now, and even though I have learned to trust in the Lord, I know these next two Christmases will definitely be different!... No doubt there will be stories to tell! :)

Branch Christmas Pot Luck... nothing like a little Jenga.

Overall, a pretty good week! Like normal! You just have to keep a positive attitude about things and life will be a fun and challenging experience! I love you all!

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