Friday, January 16, 2015

Kangaroo Christmas!

This week was the BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION so far for one reason!! I got to see and talk with all of you! It was so rejuvenating!  As for the week, as a missionary it was okay. Unfortunately, around the Holidays, people really don’t want to take the time to hear a message about Jesus Christ. It’s sad people are to busy with other commitments they forget the true reason for the season. But I’m sure the coming weeks will be good!

Tuesday (12.23.14):
We went to the branch at 9 AM this morning. With travel time that means we had to leave our flat at 8, and that meant missing out on personal study!! I HATE MISSING THAT TIME to read, ponder, and study the scriptures. We had to go early because we had a lesson with an investigator named F.. Unfortunately, he didn’t even show up.  So it was really frustrating and sad. Luckily the day got better. Like I always say, “you just need to keep a positive out look and you will always feel happy.”

Later in the day we taught G, from India.  His dilemma with religion is basically that he thinks all religions are good and there is no true religion. Our lesson went really well and he is really sincere so I feel once he starts exercising some faith and begins living the commandments God has given us, he will be home free and down into the waters of baptism. We taught N (the girl we baptized last week) a new member lesson. She is doing awesome but she is going to Perth for the Holidays. Then we taught K (the juicy burger and NY pizza guy). He LOVES deep doctrine. Which isn’t bad, but sometimes it is hard to testify of the simple truths of the gospel with him.

Wednesday (12.24.14):
It is really weird celebrating Christmas Eve in the mission field… honestly, I just missed being home with my family and our Christmas traditions. But I know it is just the sacrifice I have to make for these two years.

We taught C another lesson about the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome! She was a little unsure about the concept of a premortal existence, but we gave her some scriptures so she can read and study up on it! She is KEEN, but she works HEAPS and can only meet 1 time per week! That is a real BUMMER.

On the way home a tender mercy miracle of Christmas happened.. We didn’t have anywhere to go for Christmas Eve dinner because as missionaries in the city the only family we know are the G’s (part member family with the car museum). But as we were walking home from the train station, a member from out of town, who just happened to be in the city, saw us and took us out for a Christmas Eve dinner at a Malaysian restaurant! The Lord really does look after his missionaries! It was an incredible testimony builder!

Thursday (12.25.14):
BEST DAY EVER! I got to Skype my family and it was magical! That is all I could even think about the whole day! Afterwards I opened up all the amazing Christmas gifts and the letters! Thanks to everyone who made my first Christmas as a missionary a wonderful experience. 

I never thought a stocking could be bigger than a Christmas Tree.

Joy to the World!

It really turned out to be a great day. The G’s invited us over for a KANGAROO dinner. Complete with potato wedges, and a traditional Christmas pudding. You really can’t get much more Australian than that on Christmas Day!... and by the way, kangaroo does "not" taste like chicken. Ha Ha.

The G family made Christmas dinner extra special. 
I can't wait for you guys to meet them.

Friday (12.26.14):
In Australia, the day after Christmas is Boxing day, and EVERYONE was out shopping and hitting up all the sales! NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, wanted to talk with us! They were all determined to just mob the city and be on the look out for good sales. You know how much I love shopping for a deal, and truthfuIly, I kinda wished I could have been shopping right there with them :)

However, I did get to have a really solid GQ with a kid traveling from Indonesia! He was so interested in the Book of Mormon and said he had been wondering the other night if there was anything he could do to get closer to Jesus Christ. It was interesting, at the time I GQed him we were on Burke St. This is shopping capital of Melbourne so there were thousands of people rushing around; and as I walked past him I had this urge to stop and talk to him. At first I didn’t stop, but then I felt strongly that I needed to turn back! So I pretty much stalked him until I caught up with him. I invited him to sit down on a bench with me and taught him about our Savior, Jesus Christ! Even though he is going back home to Indonesia, I know he will contact the missionaries.

Saturday (12.27.14):
It seems as though everybody we have been teaching has decided to leave the city for one last trip before school starts again. For some reason the only people left in the city today were a bunch of cold hearted Aussies. haha  There must have been some convention going on or something, like the “Bah Humbug… Christmas is Over Society.” Oh well, as a missionary you just have to keep doing the Lord’s work.

Even the public restrooms smelled of Bah Humbug!... don't light a match!

We did teach one lesson to a guy from China named J. He had heaps of good questions and I really enjoyed discussing with him the facts and truths of the gospel. We also received TRANSFER NEWS tonight.....Drum Roll.... Elder N and Elder O will both be leaving! I will be getting a new companion and staying in the city.

Sunday (12.28.14):
I guess the Lord and President Maxwell really do know what they are doing. During personal studies this morning I received a call from President Maxwell. He said, " Elder Steele, you have done such an amazing job training your Golden, Elder O these past 6 weeks. Thank you so much for all that you did for him with training in a Trio. However, I was wondering if you would be willing to train another Golden who is coming in this transfer." I WAS SO SHOCKED! So that is the exciting news. I will be having another Son (remember missionary genealogy). I hope he is as awesome as Elder O, my first Son, because we had a BLAST together! More details will come next week!

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