Wednesday, August 27, 2014

He made it to Australia!!!

Elder Steele is officially “Down Under”!

Tag left the MTC on Monday afternoon. He rode Front Runner from Provo to the Salt Lake City airport. Luckily, his experiences in Europe and Asia navigating public transportation with multiple bags came in handy!

When he arrived at the airport he received a huge blessing with his baggage. His inexperienced and over zealous missionary parents packed his bags with way too much stuff and at 68.5 pounds each they were going to incur a $175 overweight surcharge PER BAG!

Tuesday night before the MTC. Tag's two year supply. 50lbs per bag??

Thanks to divine intervention and behind the scenes help from his airport guardian angel, Trudy, the American Airlines ticketing agent did not charge him anything! She told him a Delta agent (Trudy) had alerted them he would be checking in for his flight to Australia that day. The American agent greeted him warmly and let him know they had been waiting for him. She commented that his bags were certainly heavy and Tag replied in his most charming way, “I packed everything I would need for the next two years”. She smiled at him and just placed the bags on the conveyer. We are indeed grateful for such a tender mercy.

Trudy, Tags's airport guardian angel.

Before flying from SLC to LAX at 6:50 pm. Our dear friend, Trudy, saved the day again and met him at his gate, snapped some pics and video, loaned her phone to his companions so they could call their families and even offered to buy them dinner!

 Tag's MTC District. The lucky Australia Visa holders. 
(L to R) Elder E, Tag, Elder W., Sister B.

Only four of the original six district members flew to Melbourne. Sadly, Sister G and Elder J’s visas did not arrive in time. Sister G flew to Las Vegas to wait for her Visa and Elder J will be reassigned shortly. Tag is looking forward to seeing them both down under as soon as possible!

We were so grateful for the chance to talk with him on the phone and hear more about his MTC experience. It was amazing to hear the excitement in his voice as he talked about his desire to get to Australia and begin teaching the people.

Tag at Salt Lake International Airport. Ready to Go!

In LAX, he boarded an Airbus A380 for his nonstop Qantas flight to Melbourne. His flight was 15 ½ hours long and we (Angela) tracked it all night long!

15 ½ hours. No wonder it's called the land down under!

He arrived in Melbourne at 8:20 am Wednesday morning, August 27, 2014. We received the following email from him alerting us to his safe and happy arrival.

“Family!!! They are letting me email you and tell you I have made it and I am alive and well! I love you all so much! Thank you for sending me the package. It was nice to come here to a package! I am SOOOOOO excited to be here!! It is great already!!!” 

And so the Adventure Down Under begins.........

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