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First P-day Email, August 16, 2014

August 16, 2014

Family we are doing it! I love hearing about what everyone is doing and I love to see the pictures you have sent me! Right now I am waiting for my laundry to get done! P day is so crazy here! I also thank you for all your letters! Keep them up! There is nothing better then going to the mail and seeing letters for you to read that night!

My companion is Elder E, he is from Nampa or Napa, Idaho I can’t tell by how he says it! Haha! He is very shy and quiet but seems to be outgoing; it’s a weird combo but it works!  We are studying super hard for our mock investigators!!

Tag and Elder E

So Wednesday was crazy!  They shuttle new missionaries through a maze where you get your name tag and all the different study materials you need here in the MTC! 

I'm a Missionary!

My journal for that night reads, " What a crazy day! Hardest day of my life! I miss my family but this is where I am supposed to be!

MTC Host... after the drop off. Smile Elder, it's ice cream Wednesday!

Thursday was so much better! I learned three things that really stuck with me!

1. Help, don’t preach.
2. People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care!
3. This is the Lord’s work.

I also got assigned my first mock investigator... it is crazy. Only the second day and we are already teaching... Yikes!!

Friday rolled along and it was a great day until we went to teach our first lesson! It was awful!!  Haha!  I went way to far in depth with the 1st lesson... oh well live and learn. Could you put in your prayers that I will be able to truly love the people I am teaching here at the MTC and that I will know what lessons I need to teach them as we talk with them?

The best thing I learned from teaching yesterday was to "Have total Faith in the Lord and Have Faith from your Faith" I know that may sound confusing but it helps me:)

ALSO, we all need to pray for charity! We all need to help everyone out! Help them through teaching! Teach simple principles not deep doctrine!

Here is my daily schedule:

On a normal day at the MTC I wake up around 6:15 am and get ready to be in class by 7:00. I have personal study till 8:00 and companion study till 10:00, with a break for breakfast. Next, doctrine study till 10:00 and then classes on understanding and loving people, charity, and faith until lunch.  After lunch, more classes until about 6:00 pm and then it’s off to dinner! After dinne r there is class again until 9:30 pm. I finish my day with personal time from 9:30 until 10:15 pm, which is when I read letters, and then I try to fall asleep.

MTC bedroom. My bunk is top right. Look Mom I made my bed!

In class, we prepare for the mock investigators we will be teaching! It is scary but cool because we get to learn through experience! It is a lot of class time but it is great because we need to learn how to be servants in the Lord’s hands!

Studying the way the Lord wants me to.



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