Friday, August 5, 2016

The Week in Pictures!

May 24th - May 29th 

Tag was swamped with transfers this week and he didn’t have time to write his usual email that goes through the week day by day. He only had time to send a few pictures. But as they say…..a picture is worth a thousand words! Enjoy!

Yummy dinner at Keystone restaurant with the departing missionaries 

 Sending a great Sister Missionary home to Tonga!

 Saying goodbye to a wonderful Elder from Laos. I love how diverse the Australia Melbourne Mission is! We are blessed to serve with missionaries from all over the world!

 Heading to dinner in the Man Van with the greatest Mission Office Staff in the world! We went to Lynbrook Hotel which is an all you can eat buffet. Elder Eyring and I went HARD on the food. We had a long day working on transfers with President Maxwell and it was a great treat!

 Who is that photo bomber.....the beloved Sister Horne!!!

 KFC makes everything better!

This transfer planning has been one of the hardest and longest since I have been an AP. We started on the logistics and calling all the Zone Leaders with the new moves. On a personal note one of the moves actually affected us. Elder Eyring went back to the Chinese Zone for the last transfer of his mission. I will really miss him. He trained me on how to be an AP and I love him like my brother. But my new companion is Elder Jensen from Canada and I am really excited to be working with him!

An army of missionaries! 

There were about 15 missionaries at our ward meetings on Sunday morning. There were eight full time missionaries and seven mini missionaries! It was PACKED with missionaries and that was an awesome sight to see! I love being a missionary and it is great for the mini missionaries to have an opportunity to see first hand how fabulous it is to serve the Lord as a missionary!

 This is the Dandenong ward full time missionaries. I  love them all!

Having some fun with Elder Eyring and the mini missionaries!

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