Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another Crazy, Busy Week!

Monday (6.20.16)
This was a good day because Elder Jensen and were FINALLY able to get haircuts! We still go to the good old Islander hair cut place – Phresh! They are so good to all of the missionaries because they never charge missionaries for haircuts! 

Elder Jensen and I rocking our new haircuts!

We finished our haircuts around 4:00 pm and then we RACED to play some basketball for the last tiny part of P-day! We had a really great night though! We went to a part member family with the Zone Leaders and we taught them and ate yummy pizza with them! We were able to play some Book of Mormon Basketball and the whole family was just pumped and VERY competitive! It was a total blast. It was just a massive blessing for me to be with a family and teach them about the gospel! Then it was off to President and Sister Maxwell’s house to talk about some of the things that had been going on in the mission... and what we were going to do about it during the week... we also went with the Maxwells to one of our favorite go to restaurants called Keystone!

Tuesday (6.21.16)
It seems the adversary is working VERY hard on the missionaries in the Australia Melbourne Mission. We have had an amazing month of teaching and growing and Satan knows that and he wants to do anything he can to derail the momentum we are building. I want everyone to realize that it really is by the flaxen cord that the adversary is able to get to us! For example, in a missionary’s life things start small...maybe with not being obedient to the missionary schedule and sleeping in, then maybe some phone misusage, then getting home late at night a couple of times, and then BAM! the adversary has us and we are put in a big situation and we cannot seem to find a way out. That is why we all MUST be so careful when we are dealing with choices to break the commandments! The Savior’s atonement is complete and we can always be forgiven but if we can choose to avoid sin in the first place our lives will be so much happier and we will have peace! 

Today was such a crazy day that we never got a chance to eat dinner. The Maxwells came to our rescue and gave us some much needed food!

Dinner on the run....we think we will start with that yummy dessert! 

Wednesday (6.22.16)
We dropped an Elder off at the airport in the morning who was going home and then made our way back to the mission home to have an early lunch with President and Sister Maxwell to talk about other ways we can help and serve the missionaries.

We love going to the airport!

Then it was time to prep for Golden Review! This was definitely a highlight of our week. We were all so excited to visit with our group of Golden missionaries and see how much they have grown in the short time they have been here.  This group did not disappoint! We have been super blessed to get such amazing new missionaries! They are on fire and are ready to just explode with sharing the gospel! It was great to be with them and feel of their special spirit! The Golden Review got over around 6:00 pm and then we played missionary taxi again as we raced around getting them to the various train stations! After we got everyone back on their way home we jetted back to the mission home. We had a nice dinner with the Maxwells and a missionary who is going home tomorrow. We ran back to our flat so we could pack for an overnight at the mission home so Elder Jensen and I could be his companions for his last night.

It is always nice to have missionaries with us at the mission home!

Thursday (6.23.16)
We dropped our departing missionary off at the airport bright and early this morning.
When we got back from the airport we sat down with President and Sister Maxwell, ate an early lunch and discussed ways we can serve the missionaries better! Then we ran some errands for President Maxwell. We booked his car for service at the Toyota Dealership because he wants it to be just perfect for President Vidmar when he arrives here next week. We also drove to Craigieburn to pick up two Elders for an interview with President Maxwell. 

When the Elders were done with their interview, we dropped them off at the train station and as we were driving away I saw the Afghan restaurant we eat at quite often. As we passed by I received a prompting to stop and go into the restaurant. I had no idea why because neither Elder Jensen nor I were hungry. But on my mission I have learned to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost no matter what. So we stopped the car and went in. There was an Islamic party going on and it was TOTALLY packed.  We looked around and decided to order some food that we weren’t really hungry for.  Even though the restaurant was so crowded, our food was delivered to us speedy quick!! And when our food was delivered we knew exactly why we were prompted to stop at a restaurant and order food when we weren’t even hungry. Here was the miracle……. the man who brought us our food looked at our badges and said,  “I knew you would come. I asked God to help me find the Jesus People!” Elder Jensen and I looked at each other and thought WOW! His name is Rahmit and he is from Afghanistan. We got his number and set up a time so we can teach him. It was truly a miracle that the Lord would send us to a little Islamic restaurant to meet one of his precious children looking for the truth! This experience was a GREAT testimony to me of always following the Spirit. It was clearly a miracle! 

Friday (6.24.16)
We had a great morning! We attended the Gippsland DLC (District Leadership Council). Following the DLC, we went back to the mission home to meet with President Maxwell for a few hours to work on some mid transfer moves that we had to make.  

I think I ripped my pants!!! Sweet Sister Naylor to the rescue.

We went on a couple of errands for the office to figure out some last minute things we can do to prepare for the arrival of the Vidmars on July 1st. We are all trying to get everything super organized for them so it will be a smooth transition. We ended the night with the last senior missionary gathering with the Maxwells! It is always great to be with the amazing senior missionaries. It was a pot luck and we all had a great night!

Saturday (6.25.16)
We had to pick up the Maxwells very early this morning so we could take them to the Airport. They needed to fly down to Tasmania to check on a missionary who was sick. It was a quick trip for them because they just flew down for the day. After we dropped  them off Elder Jensen and I raced back to Maroondah so we could attend a Baptism up in the Yarra Valley ward. It was a great occasion because it was the first baptism there in about a year. It was wonderful to see the Elders having some success up there! After the baptism we went into the office to work on some mid transfer logistics. Elder Jensen and I picked up the Maxwells at the airport and once we got them back to the mission home we were super excited to head out to Cranbourne! We met up with Geoff Mulipola and we had a fabulous dinner and visit with the Terremates! It was so good to be in their home, which has always felt like my home here in Australia!

So great to spend some time with Geoff! 

As we were leaving Cranbourne, I had a strong prompting to call Rahmit and invite him to church! He picked up and said he would be there!

Sunday (6.26.16)

This was a great Sabbath! A member brought his friend to church today and we were so excited to meet him. His name is Mason and he is from Iran. Church as really great today and Mason really enjoyed it! We were able to have some great discussion with him and we are looking forward to teaching him. I was a bit sad though because Rahmit didn’t come to church. As soon as church got over I was able to give him a call. When he answered, I asked where he was and he said,  "I am here!” We walked outside and there he was!!! We were able to give him a chapel tour and introduce him to some members and we were able to teach him! WOW!  He was SO keen! He was really feeling the spirit and he kept telling us that all he wanted was to change, repent and START FOLLOWING JESUS! We were able to set a BAPTISMAL DATE for him for July 23rd!!!!!!! I was SO happy! I am so amazed the Lord allowed us to find this man in a restaurant and now he was at sitting in church and wanting to prepare for baptism! Heavenly Father loves all His children and He wants us all to return to him! I had been feeling just a little bit down because since I have been an AP (Assistant to the President) this is the longest I have gone on my mission without baptizing someone! I know missions aren’t about numbers and I am serving with all my might in a different way now as an AP. I have been so happy to see other missionaries baptize people but I really wanted to teach and baptize at least one more person while I was here in Australia and the Lord provided! Now we just have to teach him and help get him integrated into the ward! Following this amazing spiritual high we went to a member’s home for a wonderful lunch!  We stopped by the office to finish a bit of preparation for a special last devotional for the Maxwells! The devotional was wonderful and we had a great turn out!and that is how the day ended at this devotional for them! it was great and we were happy to see a great turn out!

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