Thursday, August 13, 2015

Missionary, Trainer, and English Teacher... Didn't see that last one coming

Tuesday: (1.20.15):
Today I gave a training in District Meeting. My topic was "Why Do We Preach the Gospel?” I decided to use an acronym for PREACH. We need to Prepare, Educate, Awaken, Cleanse, and then we can get to Heaven!  Everyone in my district really seemed to like it, so I was feeling pretty good about the day but then out of the blue... ALL our appointments canceled!  A missionary’s nightmare! BUT, C (our barely 18 year old Korean investigator with the mom that doesn’t want him to be baptized) was interviewed for baptism and he PASSED!!!! So I figured that was the price of all our teaching appointments going up in smoke…….a set in stone Baptism!!!! I love to teach the gospel but I would rather have a confirmed baptism ANY day!

Wednesday: (1.21.15)
We had Golden Review ALL day. My companion Elder L, from Moldova,  is a brand new missionary (we call new missionaries “goldens” instead of “greenies” in the Australia Melbourne mission) and so after a few weeks in the mission all the “goldens” and their companions meet at the mission home to see how things are going. I have been lucky enough to attend 3 out of the 4 golden reviews that have been held since I arrived in Australia the end of August.  I went to my own golden review in September, then Elder N (my trainer) and I went to golden review with the first golden I trained, Elder O and then today I went to Golden Review with the second golden I have had the privilege of training, Elder L. One great thing is that I got to drive all the way to the mission office and back and that was super awesome!!! Don’t worry…..I am getting better at driving on the “wrong” side of the road!!! I LOVE visiting the mission office because I get to be with President and Sister Maxwell. It is so wonderful to be with them! With all the travel time though it took up our whole Wednesday.

Thursday: (1.22.15)
This was a finding day today.. WE had HEAPS of success thanks to the Lord. We did weekly planning and that always takes a long time but as we were working through it I had this strong feeling to go through our area book. That was truly an inspiration from the Spirit because we were able to set up appointments with some former investigators that seem actually pretty keen! So that made me super happy!!

However, as usual we had our share of the people who say "Ya i am coming to meet with the Elders and then they never show up!!! Aghhhhh that is the most annoying thing about missionary work! I know the Lord is teaching me patience though and I am determined to learn it as fast as I can…..ha ha!!!! On a good note, we did teach M, (he is the minister we baptized from Kenya) and another African man named G. They are both awesome!  G has been a  member for about a year. He recently returned from Africa. Soon after he was baptized, he went back to Africa to do missionary work in his home town! I LOVE how bright the fire of testimony burns in new converts! It was awesome to see M and G really build each other up with their excitement and love of the Book of Mormon! 

GQing while GQing.

Friday: (1.23.15)
Days tend to start off a little slower with a companion that is learning to speak English. We do Golden study for an hour and then Language study for another hour and by that time it is 12:00 PM and I have heaps of cabin fever and I just want to get out and start doing MISSIONARY WORK! But usually by then Elder L is really hungry so we have to eat lunch. It is all good but it means we don’t get to the city until around 1:30 pm. But then we just HIT IT HARD!!

Taking advantage of a "Golden" opportunity.
Elder L stepped out onto the balcony of our apartment for some fresh air during our language study time, and I "accidentally" locked the door on him.

Something really cool happened today, Elder L found a Chinese member who was looking for the location of the Church. As we talked to him, we  found out he had a friend from Moldova. He went and got his friend and brought her to the church!  It was cool to see Elder L be able to finally teach a solid lesson in his native language.  He really knows his stuff he is just struggling with English. Unfortunately, the lady from Moldova is leaving Melbourne soon to go to work for a couple months so that was really sad. But the important thing is…….we planted a seed!

Next, we had Zone Interviews with President Maxwell:) So I got to see him two times in 72 hours! IT WAS AWESOME!! He is happy with my work in the city and what I have been able to accomplish while training a language missionary. It is not easy but Tag NEVER gives up and with the help of the Lord we are able to perform miracles! :) President Maxwell talked with me a while longer and I felt so honored to learn from him. He is the best mission president in the world!

 Then to end off the night We taught C again. She is really great but she is having a really hard time getting off work to go to church. Elder L and I just keep praying for her, I know Lord will provide a way!

Saturday: (1.24.15)
C GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! AHHHH man this was probably one of the BEST days on my mission so far! We have been working with him for SOOO long! And he has been able to be such a strong member of the church so far even when he wasn’t yet a member! He has a real desire to serve and keep learning more as well! So that is just awesome!

C's Baptism. Left to Right Elder L (my companion), C, and Me.

After the baptism, we went GQing which I really love but GQing with an Elder learning English can be challenging. Elder L is still struggling with the language so we have to GQ together. I really want to achieve the goals we set for ourselves during planning so we will just keep working together and having faith. I know Heavenly Father will bless us to be effective missionaries and find the people who are ready to hear the sacred message about His Son, Jesus Christ.

This is called a Bubble Cup (kind of like a fruity herbal tea smoothie, only  with those popping boba in it)... they are alright. A very thoughtful member bought them for us as we were out GQing on this warm January day...
you know, it is summer down under!

To end the night we went to G and K’s  (the Russian family we found on the train) for some Russian Pancakes! They were delicious and I loved being in their home. We also taught them a little about Baptism and that was awesome! Sometimes it feels like a slow process with them but I know it is important to build a good and solid relationship with them!

Sunday: (1.25.15)
Today was a bittersweet day... It was sweet because “C” was confirmed a member of the church and became a Priest. However, the bitter part was an announcement  that the Vietnamese program would be moving out of the International Branch in the city. They will be attending church in another  building in Footscry.. It is really sad because it was super fun to be with all the Elders during Sunday meetings.  But we will still see them at the Branch during the week so it will be okay!  The Vietnamese members are amazing and the leadership in the Branch wants to do the best thing for them!

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