Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Love the English Language!

Monday (1.26.15):
Check out my latest work of art...
Found this great wall of graffiti while exploring the city on P-day.

Tuesday: (1.27.15)
I went on an exchange with Elder M the Zone Leader! We had a really great time and it was really nice once again to have nice English conversations:) I never thought I would love the English language so much:)  But when you aren’t able to speak it to it’s full capacity you really do miss it! I really need to apologize to all the English teachers I had in school…..sorry I moaned about English, I have learned my lesson!

However, I am so grateful for the time I have with Elder L (my “golden” companion from Moldova). He is a convert himself of only two years and it is wonderful for our investigators and new converts to see his example. Like I told you last week, the Viet Program is leaving our International Branch so we are inheriting a couple of recent converts that Elder M (the zone leader I went on exchanges with) has been teaching! I loved meeting with all of them. One of them, I, is from India and he is really awesome! He is struggling a little bit but I am excited to help him get involved with the Gospel again. Next, we taught a guy from Turkey! His name is M and he has a very special spirit about him! The lesson was the restoration and the Spirit was very strong during the lesson! It is very powerful when we testify about God’s love for us through a modern day prophet! People who have never heard that Heavenly Father speaks today are amazed by it. It is so exciting and rewarding to be able to share this knowledge.

Wednesday: (1.28.15)
We started out the day by teaching our investigator, C. She is doing really great but she is just not sure about baptism. Unfortunately, she isn’t feeling like she is ready!  So we are taking time to really work on building her faith with the Book of Mormon and I KNOW that God will speak to her through it and she will be Baptized sometime next transfer:) Next we we taught the two Iranian investigators, M and R! They are doing SO awesome! A few days ago we committed them to follow the Word of Wisdom and when we checked with them about their progress with it last night we found out they are still going strong! IT IS AWESOME:) I love teaching about commandments! That is where you are truly able to judge how much faith an investigator has! :) We taught C (the young Korean man we baptized earlier this month) more about the Book of Mormon and he told me his goal is to read it TWICE within the year that he is baptized:)

We also experienced a FINDING MIRACLE today!!! I was at the State library GQing (street contacting) and I saw this lady a little ways in the distance and she really stood out to me but I was busy chatting with other people so I ignored the feeling for a little while. But then the Spirit finally got my attention and I knew I needed to contact her. Even though it seemed a little awkward when I was approaching her I just decided to follow the promptings of the Spirit. I thought  to myself, "Hey every missionary’s middle name is AWKWARD so why not" Well It was so great to chat with her. It turned out that she is from Finland and has been seriously investigating the church there for about a YEAR!!! She knew where the church and she told me was she was just waiting for missionaries to approach her!! My jaw seriously DROPPED when she told me that! One of the few times so far on my mission that I have been speechless….ha ha! Her name is T and I am SO excited to meet with her at the branch later this week!

Thursday (1.29.15):
Elder L and I decided that for the final week of the transfer we are just going to GO HARD!! So our goal for total lessons is 25! With 19 of those being Investigator lessons! It is definitely going to be a stretch! But it is going to be such an amazing experience whether we hit the goal or not! I know the Lord will bless us tremendously as we work hard and are diligent. Later in the day we taught I (our new convert that is struggling with health challenges) I had the feeling that it might be nice to teach him outside the branch in the sunshine but  I didn’t really know why until after the lesson. It turns out a man from Punjab, India was watching us the WHOLE Time.. I was not aware until after the lesson and he came up and talked to me. He told me he was surprised that I was showing so much love in my character as we talked to I, our new convert. The Indian man told he has never seen a person radiate so much light in his whole life and he asked me what it was!  I humbly  replied that I was a representative of Jesus Christ and I diligently try to follow His commandments every day  and because of that I was blessed with the light of Christ. We set up a meeting with him later this week and I am excited to teach him about our Savior.

Friday (1.30.15):

The Melbourne Temple.

I love that wonderful primary song and I love the temple! It is amazing to experience the blessings of the temple as a missionary! I will always treasure my time in the temple. The wonderful, peaceful feelings that come from attending the temple can get you through hard times you have in the week. The strength you receive in the temple is real and tangible.

After we finished at the temple we went and got Pizza. Then Elder L and I just hit the city hard core trying to find people! The Lord has blessed us HEAPS this week and we even though we didn’t find any people today it is alright We are doing what the Lord want us to do and He knows what He is doing!

Elder L, myself, and two of the Vietnamese Elders from our Branch.

Saturday (1.31.15):
English is a really hard language to learn and that is teaching both Elder L and I the virtue of patience. He has language study every morning and sometimes it is super frustrating for him with all the crazy rules of the English language that don’t always make sense. I don’t really have a good explanation for the I before e except after c stuff that we learn in elementary school. I will just keep on trying to help him make sense of it. Times like these I wish I had paid better attention in English class……ha ha!

Once we got to the city we taught some good lessons today! C(our young Korean convert) expressed the desire to serve a mission in the future!!! This was REALLY cool to hear! My companion, Elder L (from Moldova) is a convert of only two years himself so he is a great example to our investigators and new converts. Next we taught M! He is living the word of wisdom and everything he just has SOO MANY Q's that it is hard to get the spirit in if you know what I mean. ha Then we had Saturday stake conference! Which was my very first Saturday session every! haha it was really good actually:) 

Sunday (2.1.15):
It was stake conference today and It was a good meeting! P came with us and it was really nice for him to hear from our stake leaders.  i am know he enjoys learning the gospel and we are doing our best to teach him and build a really strong foundation of testimony and friendship. To end the day we taught a recent convert who is Vietnamese. His name is C and he is actually someone I found and referred back to the Vietnamese Elders so he could be taught in his native language. It was really exciting because he was baptized a couple of weeks later! I would love to get a referral someday so I am happy I could help the Vietnamese Elders!

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