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Transfer Week!

Monday (4.18.16)
Even though it was P-day today, we spent most of the day working in the office doing logistics work and prepping for the day to come……tomorrow is TRANSFER DAY!  We did take a bit of a break and played a quick game of basketball in the gym. Only missionaries would play basketball in suits! It was a lot of fun though and gave us a much needed break from all the transfer work. Then we went to Deer Park to a Factory Outlet store so I could get a suit! I only have one suit that fits me and because I have worn it almost EVERY DAY since I started as an AP, it was really starting to become a little shabby looking. We found a good suit for a huge bargain price. I know the Lord always finds a way to provide for his missionaries!  After we got the suit we went back to city to "Stalactites", the Greek Slovakia place where Elder Eyring and I love to eat! We stopped by for Family Home Evening before we had to shoot off to the airport to pick up the incoming Tasmania missionaries that were coming back up to the main land for transfers.

Making a fashion statement in our bucket hats.

Tuesday (4.19.16)
TRANSFER DAY and that just really sums it up!  We started the day early by coming to the office to try and persuade people to not congregate in the office. President Maxwell, Elder Eyring and I decided we are going to have to come up with a new strategy because we weren’t very successful. Missionaries still packed up the office just as much but we love to see them so it is all good!  On transfer day, Elder Eyring and I just spend the day in the office in case anything happens or to answer questions from missionaries who call with problems. The most crazy and exciting thing that happened this transfer was a missionary who was only able to get 2 of his 3 bags on the train. When the missionaries dropping him off showed up back at the office with his bag we knew the missionary drop had only been partially successful! This missionary was now about two hours away from the office so we had to get creative and arrange another way to get the bag to him. After all the transfer excitement died down, we had a “Train the Leaders” meeting with President and Sister Maxwell and all the new leaders in the mission. It was my 2nd one and I reflected being in that meeting as a new leader myself last year. It doesn’t seem that long ago but I couldn’t help thinking….."Where has the time really gone?” My mission has been so amazing and I can’t help hoping for time to slow down just a little bit!

As part of the new leader training meeting there is time for questions and feedback and that was really great. After the meeting it was time for the dinner and testimony meeting we always have with the departing missionaries that are going home the next day. It is always great to eat with them and hear stories and finish with a wonderful testimony meeting. Today was amazing but Elder Eyring and I were beat by the end of the day. But I never mind being tired......I love doing missionary work until I am tired enough to drop. It is for the  Lord and I love to serve!

Wednesday (4.20.16)
We got up at the crack of dawn to get to the office at 6:30 am. We had to be there early so we could load up a 50 seater private motor coach with all the missionaries that were in the first drop of missionaries who are going home.

A 50 seater motor coach... now that's a missionary mover!

Their flights ranged from about 8:00 am which is the first flight out to about 12:30 pm which is the last flight out. When we got to the airport, Elder Eyring and I got everyone into the main terminal and then we rushed down to a different terminal to send the new Elders and Sisters who would be serving in Tasmania on their flights. 

Delivering missionaries to Tasmania.

After that we raced over to the international terminal to meet up with the rest of the missionaries who were going home. Elder Badger (from my hometown) was part of the departing group of missionaries... so it was a bit hard to say goodbye to him. He is an awesome missionary and I learned a lot from him! Now it is just Elder Feigleson and I holding down the fort from the 84037! (Kaysville/Fruit Heights zip code!)

The schedule works out that after we say goodbye to all the departing missionaries, it is time to welcome all of the Golden (brand new missionaries arriving in the Australia Melbourne Mission) missionaries. It is amazing but WOW!  It is a pretty fast turn around!! After we get all their bags and take care of everything at the airport it is time for the ride with the new missionaries back to the mission home. 

Precious cargo.... a fresh batch of Goldens (brand new missionaries)!

After we get to the mission home, we have a quick lunch with them and introduce them their trainers. After that, we take them back to the office where we do some training and assign their new companions. This is a great experience but the time crunch makes it a little bit of a stressful time. We don’t have much time and we want everything to be perfect. We had about 20 minutes to assign the Goldens to their trainers and there were about 15 new missionaries to assign!

In addition, if that was not enough pressure the Maxwells were catching a 7:30 pm flight to Tasmania with their son and daughter in law who are visiting for the week! It was a huge blessing that we got done with everything for the new missionaries at about 5:00 pm. All I can say is…..WOW! It was such a miracle getting to the airport! We weren’t able to leave until about 5:30 pm and that is rush hour getting into the city. I can honestly say it  was probably one of THE MOST STRESSFUL DRIVES I HAVE MADE IN MY LIFE!!!!  I am happy to report that with much faith and prayers we made it to the airport in time for them to catch their flight! It was such a huge relief because we all wanted so badly for the Maxwell family to make their flight to Tasmania. It was a HUGE relief!

Thursday (4.21.16)
Today started off with our fourth trip to the airport this week! This time it was to drop off a trainer and two Goldens (brand new missionaries) who were lucky enough to be going down to Tasmania! It was great to see them going and the excitement that were on these new missionary’s faces:) 

More happy missionaries headed for Tazzy.

After we finished at the airport we needed to deliver four bikes to an area that was about two hours away! It was a great errand because we were able to meet up with the Melton (Samoan) Elders and the Melton (English) Elders for a quick lunch and a great visit with them! After that we set off to do an exchange with the Zone Leaders! It involved a bit of driving but we had about two hours to be with these great Zone Leaders! First we talked with them about the zone and how we can help and support them and then we went out and tracted in the rain! I was lucky to be with Elder Jensen while we were tracting. I love Elder Jensen....I was his first Zone Leader last year at this time when I was serving in Narre Warren so it was really good to be back with him! He is a great missionary! It was such a satisfying feeling, knocking on doors in the rain knowing we were out doing the right thing! We found some success and then we went to dinner with the Zone Leaders at their dinner appointment with some members! It was a great experience. We ended up spending about five hours in our car traveling but it was totally worth it!

Friday (4.22.16)
It was a bit of a quiet day today. It was actually very welcome after the excitement and business of the week so far. We started off with a District Leadership Council meeting in Maroondah and then we headed back to the office to do some post transfer work. It took quite a bit of time because we did our work and then helped the flat, car, and finance senior couples with some things. We love being in the office and assisting in any way we can!

After we finished with our office work we went to the mission home for a quick lunch because the Maxwells are still in Tasmania! However, later this evening we made our 6th trip to the airport this week to pick up the Maxwells and their family from their trip to Tasmania! It was great to be able to be with them on the way home and hear all about their adventures down under......literally:) I love Tasmania and it made me really excited for the next time we go down there.

Saturday (4.23.16)
The day finally came when Monique and Jordan Matlock were finally baptized!! It was a wonderful day and I was sooo happy that I was able to be there for this amazing and sacred event!  The whole Mattock family was so happy to see me and that meant a lot to me! It was amazing being able to talk with Yvette after her children had been baptized and the gratitude she expressed to me as she thanked me for helping her children come to church was overwhelming. I simply responded,”It was a true honor for me that Heavenly Father chose me to be an instrument in helping your beloved children grow in the gospel". I want everyone to know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! I have honestly seen too many miracles and seen the hand of the Lord so much in HIS work to ever doubt its truthfulness!

Jordan and Monique's baptism.

After the baptism, we were able to visit the Uini family and share a short message with them. We were also blessed to meet with Geoff Mulipola! it was so great being able to share some time with them and feel how much they love having me around! I guess you really do not know how close you are to some people until you no longer have the option to visit them whenever you please. It really makes me appreciate all the people I dearly love even more! After that we were blessed to go to the Chinese Zone baptisms! They had four baptisms so it was really wonderful to share the joy of the missionaries, the ward members and especially the wonderful new converts! This was our tenth baptism for this week which was really exciting! The Lord is blessing the missionaries and He is trying to hasten His work here in Melbourne!

Sunday: (4.24.16)
We attended church and then we were able to go and visit with some families that I love and got to know when I was here in Dandenong for the first time last May. After that we met with President Maxwell for a little while and then it was off to a pot luck with the Thams and the Kumarnasamys! They are awesome families and both Elder Eyring and I love being with them!

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