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"I Come From the Land Down Under"

Mon. Oct. 20 – Sun. Oct. 26, 2014

The Down Beat

Monday (10/20/14)
Today was another fun P-day. I know you guys have been wondering when I would be sending some pictures of sites around Melbourne to you. Well, it’s your lucky day; because today we went and toured some places around the city cause we really had nothing else to do… so I hope you enjoy the pictures :)

Just a little P-day fun outside the Melbourne Exhibition Building.

Tuesday (10/21/14) 
Today went really well.  We taught 3 Lessons. One was to C, the 17 year old Korean who has been trying to muster the courage to ask his parents if he can be baptized. So today we helped him find the courage to call his family and ask if he could be baptized. Unfortunately, later that night he called us and said his Mom really hates the idea of him being baptized... Bummer :(  The only thing we can do now is put our trust in the Lord.  He will be able to perform what truly needs to be done! Even if it is not what we are expecting! 

Wednesday (10/22/14)
I went on another exchange today with Elder P. We go on HEAPS of exchanges because Elder N (my companion) is the District Leader! It’s fun to be with other missionaries though!

We taught C about the Restoration again because he got a little “antied” by his mom about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. On a good note, as we taught C today, and as the spirit testified to him of the restoration, the lesson became very powerful when combined with our testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel! Elder N and I are just trying to keep C’s faith up during this challenging time!

Later tonight, we went over to a member’s home for my 1st MEMBER FEED OF MY MISSION! (not counting all of the times we’ve gone out to eat with D… he’s the bomb!) hahaha! Anyway, we went over to eat at a Vietnamese ladies house. In all honesty, I had no idea what I was eating or what was being said… but who cares! I was in a real home, at a real dinner table, eating a home cooked meal.  What an incredible experience. Not knowing the language or being able to understand the conversation around the dinner table, put me more in-tune with the spirit that was in this home. Definitely a testimony builder of the power families have in controlling the spirit that resides in their family and home.

Thursday (10/23/14)
This morning I finished the Book of Mormon for my 1st time on my mission! :) If any of you have not read and studied this book, YOU NEED TO START NOW!!!! This scripture is here in our lives to help and bless us!! USE IT!!

Today I got to go on an exchange with Elder J from my MTC district because all the Zone and District Leaders were having a meeting by the temple! I actually got to TRACT MY VERY FIRST HOUSE!!!... and it was soooo fun! Later in the day I taught my very first lesson to two kids who were both super eager to learn! Man, it was such a fun day of firsts for me! It kinda made me excited for the day when I will be able to serve in a real family ward :) However, for now, I know the Lord has a work for me to do in the downtown Melbourne Branch.

The very first house I tracted on my mission (notice the cool Lego mailbox)... placed a Book of Mormon.... it was a success! 

Friday (10/24/14)
I went on ANOTHER exchange today with Elder M, my Zone Leader :) We were in a suburb called "Footscry." While at the train stop I ran into this guy whose name was T. He was from East Africa, but now lives in Werribee, which is out of my area. Anyway, we got talking, and I introduced him to the Book of Mormon! As I was talking with him about different parts of the Book of Mormon, I began to tell him about Alma and how he baptized multitudes at the Waters of Mormon. As I told T about Alma, he stopped me and said, "I have been trying to find a place where I can baptize my 4 Children!" WOW… miracle! He is keen As! So we referred him to the Elders in Werribee!! I love those kinds of impromptu conversations!

Later we GQed a guy by the name of G. Apparently he lives on some remote island that I have no idea where it is! Hahaha. However, we sat with him on a park bench, and taught him about the Restoration of the gospel. After our lesson was finished, the three of us still sitting on the bench, ended with a prayer. Missionary work is so great! At times we break away from every social code known to man, and it doesn't even cross my mind twice anymore:) The Lord definitely has a work for us to do at all times and in all places.

Son (me), Father (Elder N), Grandfather (Elder N's Trainer, Elder S). The missionary trainer lineage continues. Missionary family reunion at its finest.

Saturday (10/25/14)
This morning during my personal study time I studied how to be a successful missionary. In the Book of Mormon, HEAPS of prophets suffered discouragement because they felt they had failed in successfully delivering the Lords message… when in fact, as the Lord would later reveal unto them, they had been very successful in His eyes because of their obedience to His commands. This is why obedience in the mission, and in every day life is so key! No matter what happens, we must always be able to look back and know that we have been obedient to the Lord; and in return, he will grant us blessings when we need them most!

We taught P today, she is from Columbia and needs a Spanish translator badly!... either that or I need to learn Spanish J What was so cool about our discussion was that even with the language barrier, we were able to introduce her to the Book of Mormon. P said she liked what we shared with her, and is excited to read the Book of Mormon and be taught in Spanish with a translator (probably easier than me learning Spanish).

We also taught C again today. He is the young man from Malaysia who I GQed last week who didn’t believe in God. Well, this week we talked with him about the Plan of Salvation and how it can help his life as he chooses to follow our Heavenly Father. Sooooo he is going to pray to see if there is a God and to see if Baptism is something he needs to do. If he is truly searching for the truth, he will receive his answer and be give us a call to begin his lessons :)

I borrowed this stylin' vest from the kid in the black. He's a member and a great kid. I strutted my stuff around the branch :)

Sunday (10/26/14)
By far one of the best Sundays ever!  We went to North Richmond to pick up K for church. K is a less active member who is currently in the Hospital. Because of transportation timing we got there a little early and so we waited for her to get ready. While in the waiting room a Doctor came up to Elder N and I and asked us what church we were going to. We told him “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” He replied.... “ya know this is interesting.. I was baptized into that church 15 years ago in the UK, and I just saw my baptismal picture, and wondered if I needed to go back to church.” His name is A and he is an amazing guy! He came to Australia, got busy with life, and stopped going to church! So we got his number and we will see where that goes! But K LOVED church! She hasn't been in about 10 years, and now wants to come and change her life for good! I love this work so much!!

Challenge for everyone this week! Find someone who you think needs the gospel in their life and invite them to church this Sunday!
If you fail, try again!

Pray for opportunities to do missionary work!!

I Love you all so much. Thanks for all of your prayers and support! 

Elder Steele

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