Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My First Baptism… What a GREAT week!

Sept. 9 – Sept. 14, 2014

Familia!! The Lord has definitely blessed me with an amazing week!

Alright here is the down beat!

Tuesday (9/9/14):
We taught a guy that I GQed on Bourke Street last week. His name is L, he is from Columbia and is super KEEN! (there’s that Aussie word for sharp and eager… commit it to memory. I will be using it a lot for the next 23 months) haha. He is here to study English and has a work visa so he can earn money while he is living in Melbourne. When I met L he seemed pretty lonely! In fact, it was pretty crazy how I met him.

I was walking on Bourke Street with Elder N and I saw L from like 20 meters away. I had this strong feeling come over me to go and talk with him! So as I’m looking at him, he starts to get up off of the bench, and something (being the Spirit) made me start running towards him! When I got to him I introduced myself and started talking to him! Come to find out L had come to Bourke St (Which is like a HUGE shopping center) to see if he could find someone to talk to! And I was the only one that had reached out to him! (or chased him down like a linebacker). So anyways, we taught him and he is keen as. At the end of the lesson about the Book of Mormon and how to pray, L got up and gave me a Hug. I mean it was so crazy. I barely know this guy and he is giving me a Hug! The spirit in the room was soooo rich!! 

Bourke Street where Elder N and I do a lot of GQing. Imagine me running down the street full throttle try to catch L before he walked away.

On a less spiritual note, Elder N and I were on our way home Tuesday night and we were riding on the train. I started talking to this guy, like asking him his name, and saying “how are you doing”... and guess what he did!!! He looked me right in the eye, didn’t say a word, put in those sleeping ear-plugs that you use on the airplane, and went to sleep! Hahaha, maybe I should have offered him a caffeine free Coke with his name on it J

Wednesday (9/10/14):
We met with D, the guy from Cambodia that I told you about last week. Elder N and I taught him about the Word of Wisdom. We told him about no hot drinks like Coffee and Tea. We were a little worried because we knew he drinks coffee and tea... BUT he flat out said he would stop! I mean WOW! The miracles you witness on your mission are just mind blowing! The Church is True!!!! And through the Spirit we can do anything! 

Later in the Afternoon we had the Golden Review! This is where all the missionaries that arrived with me in Melbourne on August 27th met together to talk about what we liked and how we have overcome some challenges! It was really great! Sister Maxwell asked if I would sing a solo! So I willingly accepted and sang "The Spirit of God." Sister Maxwell used to sing in the Mo Tab Choir and so I was a bit nervous. But hey, I’ll take the blessings and the brownie points. hahaha

Thursday (9/11/14): 
Today we taught D about paying tithing. He is seriously a miracle… after we told him about tithing, he said, " So when can I pay my 1st 10% to God!” WOW!! The Lord works miracles through missionaries!! 

On the way home on the train tonight I got talking to another guy... well actually, he read my name badge in kind of a mocking manner but I just brushed it off and started talking to someone else. When I went to get off at my stop, he turned to me and said, "What you are doing is manipulating mate!" I thought about what he said for a second and told him, "Have a nice night mate!" I laughed all the way home!! Some people just aren't accepting of the Gospel… yet :)

Friday  (9/12/14):
All of our appointments (and we had 5), didn't show up and that was a bummer. So we just decided to GQ. In that time of GQing we got 7 New Contacts and they seemed even better then the appointments that we had set up for the day! I learned the importance of keeping a good attitude. Because it was truly a blessing those appointments didn't show up because we were able to find more people that were even more accepting of our message!
The Lord works in marvelous ways! When times get uncertain, we just need to remember to rely on the Lord and have faith that He knows all!

Saturday (9/13/14):
I HIT THE MONTH MARK!!!! hmmmm that was an interesting feeling! In some ways, I feel it went by super fast! Then when I think about it in other ways it didn’t go very fast at all! It made for a hard day being away from my family... But I know as long as we trust in the Lord and devote ourselves as missionaries to him it will go fast!! And we as missionaries will be able to convert and help HEAPS of people!

Welcome to the One Month Club!

Sunday (9/14/14):
D WAS BAPTIZED!!!! What an amazing experience! The Lord already blessed me with the opportunity to participate in a baptism and I have only been out doing the work here in Melbourne, for less then 3 weeks!! I even had the privilege of Baptizing D! What a spiritual experience! I mean you are baptizing them and they are being spiritually reborn right in your arms as you pull them out of the water!! 

Me, D, and Elder N at the Baptism... What a great day!

Afterwards, when Elder N and I were back at our flat, I received this txt message from D:
 "Thanks so much Elder Steele and Elder N. It is my wonderful day and I feel super great! Thank you for your support, both emotionally and physically. Too much emotion came out when I read Elder Steele's Card! "
(I had given him a card at the baptism saying how proud I was of him and his decision to be baptized.)


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